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There are several types of motorcycle accidents that can occur – each ranging in uniqueness and severity. At the Law Firm of Mitchell Howie, we defend the rights of victims involved in all types of motorbike accidents, from mild incidents to severe wrecks. Whether the accident resulted in physical injuries and property damage or if the victim escaped unharmed, you can count on motorcycle accident lawyer Mitch Howie to protect your rights and ensure you obtain compensation for your pain, suffering or losses.

 Left Hand Turn Chopper Accidents

Left hand turn motorcycle crashes are the most common types of wrecks riders are involved in. The incident involves making a left turn at an intersection, which may include other motorists failing to yield to the rider or taking a red light, causing a severe head-on collision. Riders involved in these types of dirt bike accidents are usually seriously impaired or may even lose their lives.

When these types of motorcycle crashes occur, insurance companies will try their best to pin the accident on the motorcycle rider. However, when you have an experienced motorcycle lawyer like Mitch Howie on your side, you can rest assured that your side of the story will be heard and your rights thoroughly upheld.

Lane Splitting/Sharing Accidents

Motorcycle accident

These are bike accidents that occur when a rider shares a lane or rides between other vehicles on the road. These incidents can take place while traffic is flowing or during Rush Hour congestion and often happen  because neighboring motorists are distracted or do not pay attention when changing lanes to the motorcycle rider next to them. A crash usually ensues, causing extensive physical injuries and oftentimes permanent damage to the rider.

Chopper accident attorney Mitch Howie works especially hard on these types of accidents, which involve negligence on the neighboring motorist’s behalf. Mr. Howie will not rest until you obtain compensation and medical care if you were hit by another motorist who was not attentive of their surroundings.

Mechanical Failure

These types of motorcycle accidents are the direct result of a defect on the motorcycle itself that the rider was not guilty of causing. The rider may be driving along a routine route and without warning, the motorcycle may break down, experience problems with gear shifting, or the breaks may give out on the rider.

At this point, the incident becomes a product liability case, in which victims are entitled to receive extensive compensation and property damage reimbursement for any injures that ensue. Rest assured that Mitch Howie will establish a strong case that shows there was a manufacturing error involved,  and those at fault will be responsible for compensating you and your loved ones.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Motorcycle accident

Just because you were riding in the rain or through a construction zone and were involved in a motorcycle wreck does not mean you are to blame. The same way riders are responsible for driving safely, so too are construction companies and city governments responsible for maintaining safety standards on roadways.

If your motorcycle accident was caused by spilled gravel or oil, construction that was not properly signaled, deep potholes, or any other roadway dangers, Mitch Howie will defend your rights and make sure those responsible are held liable for their negligence.

Motorbike Accidents Resulting in Injury or Death

Motorcycle accidents can cause extremely serious or even fatal injuries. A rider does not have the protection of being encased in a vehicle or airbag to cushion the impact. When a bike accident occurs, riders are usually thrown from their bikes and experience severe fractures, brain or spinal cord injuries, or are even killed upon impact on the asphalt or another vehicle.

Victims may be left with injuries that can take years to heal – if ever – or can lose their lives in the blink of an eye due to someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one were seriously injured or killed in a chopper crash, turn to Mitch Howie right away to file a claim and ensure you obtain justice for your pain and suffering.

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