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Motorcycle Laws in Huntsville, AL

Motorcycle accidents can happen at any moment in Huntsville, leading to severe – if not fatal – injuries. Just as with automobiles, there are specific motorcycle laws in Alabama that all drivers must abide by, but unfortunately, not everyone does.  Failure to abide by proper motorcycle traffic safety requirements is a leading cause of accidents.  Personal injury lawyer Mitchell Howie knows that some motorcycle accidents cannot be foreseen and are the direct result of someone else’s negligence; however, by understanding and abiding by the proper state laws, the number of incidents can be drastically reduced.

Below is an explanation of Huntsville, AL motorcycle laws that all riders are expected to follow as well as the requirements to obtain a motorcycle license.

Age Requirements for Obtaining a Motorcycle License in Huntsville

Every person who operates a motor vehicle in Huntsville or in any roadway in the state of Alabama must have a valid driver’s license. And just like with automobile driver’s licenses, there are specific age requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license in Huntsville.

Alabama law recognizes two classes of engine-equipped cycles:

  1. Motorcycle – Defined as a motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the rider and designed to travel on three wheels or less. Does not include a tractor.
  2. Motor-Driven Cycle – Defined as every type of motorcycle, including a motor scooter which does not exceed 150 cubic centimeter engine displacement and weighs less than 200 pounds fully equipped, and every bicycle that has a motor attached.

For a motorcycle license with an “M Class” designation, the minimum age for applicants is 14 years.  An “M Class” license allows the driver to operate either a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle if over 16 years of age. Motorists under 16 will carry a “B” restriction for use on a motor-driven cycle with 5 horsepower or smaller only. When the operator turns 16, the “B” restriction will be removed upon returning to the DMV office.

Motorcycle Application Process

If the age requirement is met, the first step in the application process to obtain a motorcycle license in Huntsville is to take a written exam. Applicants should study the Alabama Motorcycle Manual to learn about vehicle safety and traffic laws. The manual includes sections on basic license requirements, vehicle control and tips on how to properly and safely operate a motorcycle.

Safety courses are also available for motorcyclists via the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) website

After reading and studying the manual, motorists can apply for their license at a local Huntsville DMV. A certified U.S. birth certificate, Social Security card, another form of identification, and a school enrollment form (if 14 or 15 years old) must be provided. The standard fee for testing is $5 and the fee to obtain the license is $23.50.

Laws Prior to 1990

If you obtained an Alabama driver’s license before 1990 and it is currently valid, then you automatically have a motorcycle license. On the top right corner of the license should read “Class D” and if there is also an “M,” that means you are already licensed to drive a motorcycle in the state.

Registering Your Motorcycle

In Huntsville, as well as across the entire state of Alabama, motorcycles must be registered just as automobiles and trucks are. The process for registering a motorcycle is identical to registering another type of motor vehicle. A title must be obtained prior to the registration process, which can be procured at a local DMV and even at some banks or credit unions. The motorcycle must be registered within 20 days of purchase and motorists are required to obtain liability insurance. If the motorcycle was purchased in Alabama, it will not be subject to inspection when applying for a tag. If it was purchased outside the state, then it must undergo inspection before registering.

Alabama Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcycle laws in Alabama are unique in the sense that they encompass all the basic motor vehicle traffic safety laws, including refraining from operating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as specific laws that apply only to motorcycles.

The following are the specific traffic laws required for all motorcycle drivers in Alabama:

Motorcycle Safety Recommendations

While there are specific traffic laws governing the use of motorcycles in Alabama, there are also ways to ensure drivers are operating their cycles as safely as possible. The  following are some suggestions that can help reduce motorcycle accidents in Huntsville and across the entire state:

Rules for Group Riding in Huntsville

Many motorcyclists in Huntsville enjoy riding in groups. However, accidents can happen much more easily when there are multiple riders on the road. The following are rules that apply to group riding that all motorcyclists in the city and state should abide by:

Although a motorcyclist may abide by all these laws and regulations, accidents can – and still do – occur. If you or someone you love was hurt in a motorcycle accident in Huntsville, turn to the Law Firm of Mitchell Howie today to discuss your options in filing a case and recovering damages for your pain and suffering.

Huntsville motorcycle accident attorney Mitch Howie works diligently to make sure your rights are protected and will do everything in his power so your case can resolve quickly and with the most favorable outcome. Call the firm today to see what compensation you may qualify for following your motorcycle accident.

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